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Buzzy vs. rumbly: the most important aspect of a vibrator

The majority of sex toys fall on the buzzy end of the spectrum, especially battery-operated ones. Buzzy vibrations are surface-level, shallow, even sharp at times. Sometimes you can hear them more than you can feel them, and they tend to have a grating high-pitched timbre, like a bee zipping by.

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In the land of sex toy reviews, sometimes you’ll see folks proclaiming that rumbly vibes are good and buzzy vibes are bad, period, end of story. I agree that most people seem to feel this way, but I’d like to note that there are people who prefer buzzy vibrations, for various reasons (I’m not one of them so I couldn’t tell you what ...

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Buzzy vs. rumbly vibrators: SEE & DISCERN the difference ...

Buzzy” and “rumbly” are words you’re bound to encounter if you spend any time in sex toy circles. These words, popularized by bloggers and educators such as yours truly, refer to the quality (not intensity!) of vibration, with buzzy characterized as a higher-frequency, surface-level vibration and rumbly as a lower-frequency, more robust vibration.

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Low frequency vibrations mean "rumbly" vibrators. These rumbly vibrators are going to feel totally different to the high-frequency, "buzzy" vibes, as well as sound different to the ear. The lower the rumble, the more internal nerve endings and pleasure points are being stimulated, and the quieter the toy (good news if you have housemates and ...

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Rumbly vibrators have a more deep vibration, and they tend to be considered stronger. Mostly they aren't stronger, they are merely felt more deeply than buzzy vibrators. I think that buzzy vibrators tend to be more pinpoint, while rumbly vibrators tend to mostly spread throughout the vibe.

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Rumbly toys have their vibration waveform spread out so they penetrate tissue and don't numb you to the sensation. Buzzy toys do the opposite providing only surface sensation that is more like a 'tickle'. It takes more power, a better motor and well designed toy to make it all work.

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“Rumbly” and “buzzy” are two descriptors that sex bloggers use to describe vibration quality. The former is deep and often low-pitched, while the latter is surface-level or irritatingly high-pitched. What gives them these traits comes down to a handful of factors: How big is the spinning weight inside? How heavy is it? How dense is the material?

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The frequency of vibrations in a toy is what determines whether it's buzzy or rumbly. Generally, smaller toys like bullet vibes are going to be on the buzzy end of the spectrum due to their small size. They vibrate at a high frequency which is great for specific and pinpoint stimulation. Larger wand toys are on the rumble side of the equation.

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Some people respond very differently to rumbly/thuddy/deep vibrations as opposed to buzzy/surface vibrations. This factor can result in a varying perception in vibration intensity (sensitivity of the user aside). Since a vibrator with a rumbly/thuddy sensation will be felt deeper past the surface nerve endings it can feel much more powerful to many.