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Is a guy gay if he uses a dildo? | Jock Muscle Sex Toys

I’m sorry but dildos should be for gay and Bi men only. It’s like you taking a cock up yourself so if you enjoy that feeling you should think twice about your sexual preferences. I’m gay so I know I enjoy it but a straight man enjoying how a dildo feels up him makes isn’t normal

If a guy likes to ride a dildo, is he gay? - Quora

If you have sex or kiss a man that is also a failed and meaningless test to be done to find out that you are gay or not. So, no, if a guy likes to ride a dildo, he is not gay unless he is sexually and romantically attracted to men .

How come I enjoy dildos so much, I'm not gay at all? - Quora

It’s very simple: dildos are a sex toy. Being gay means being attracted to adult humans of the same sex (depending on your vernacular, likely men being attracted to men).

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If you are anything like me, you’ll also enjoy the dildo’s external stimulation from its solid balls. The feeling you get when the soft balls rub against your own feels incredible – I totally recommend it for all gay men.

Boyfriend likes to use a dildo on himself. Is it normal for ...

Pleasuring yourself in the same way some gays do or same way some girls do does not make you gay. When you passionately make out and have sex with a person of the same gender, that's when you are gay or bi. I enjoy dildos, even a girl with a strap on, but I do not enjoy her acting like a man, looking like a man or being a man.

A lot more straight men are using dildos to masturbate than ...

A lot more straight men are using dildos to masturbate than you might think. Sex therapists believe if you get rid of the idea that anal play is a ‘gay area’, a lot more people would be open ...

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The gay sex guide to dildos. ... This guide offers a helping hand through the world of dildos so you can safely, confidently and happily get the right one for the kind of sex you’re having ...

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MR_R24. In my opinion it doesn't make him gay and you have nothing to worry about. If you ask me I would suggest getting a strap-on dildo or something and "give it to him". Maybe he likes anal stimulation or is cerious about it, and just because a guy likes anal stimulation doesn't make him gay.

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